Community Benefits

As well as providing much-needed new housing to the area, our North West Sector Horley development will also establish a variety of vibrant community uses to be contained within the neighbourhood centre in the heart of the development (for more information click on the ‘What’s proposed’ tab above). This will become a focal point for the development as a whole.

The development will also bring wider benefits to the area in the form of financial contributions via a Section 106 Agreement that will be made towards the local community as part of our proposed development, in agreement with the relevant local authorities.

The following items of infrastructure or financial contributions will be provided by the North West Sector Consortium, in accordance with Government Guidance:

Public transport (approx £8.5m)

  • Funding off-site infrastructure improvements for a bus priority corridor and real-time bus information system from the town centre
  • Funding the running costs of a new bus service
  • Funding towards the Horley bus/railway interchange
  • Funding new and enhanced cycle and pedestrian routes.

Highways (approx £1m)

  • Funding general transport improvements in the area, including Meath Green Lane
  • Funding improvements to the subway north of Horley railway station.

Education (approx £10m)

  • Providing a suitable site and funding towards a new primary school and Early Years facility
  • Funding additional secondary school places and post age-16 services in the local area.

Affordable housing

  • Providing approximately 375 new homes as affordable housing (25% of total provision) at no cost to the council.

Community Services (approx £3.5m)

  • Funding towards modern library, youth, day centre and leisure centre facilities in Horley
  • Funding the management/maintenance of a community/neighbourhood hall, plus constructing the neighbourhood hall and providing sites for a medical centre and place of worship at no cost to the council.

 Recreation & Leisure (approx £6.2m)

  • Funding the maintenance of the Riverside Green Chain, two allotment sites and 17 on-site play areas for a variety of age groups
  • Potentially providing a site for the Town Park, if the council chooses to locate the facility at North West Horley, providing funding towards its construction and maintenance in either scenario
  • Constructing the Riverside Green Chain and implementing a public art scheme at no cost to the council.

Total: Approx £30m in community contributions