Neighbourhood Centre and Riverside Green Chain

The neighbourhood centre will come forward in a future phase that is currently being worked on. Consideration has already been given to its design and layout in order to inform the surrounding Phase 1 uses.

The planning consent permits:

  • A one-form entry primary school on a site large enough for future expansion to a two-form entry school if required
  • A place of worship
  • A medical centre
  • Local shops
  • Offices for small businesses
  • A neighbourhood hall
  • Residential properties
  • A public house restaurant
  • A recycling facility.


Riverside Green Chain:

The Riverside Green Chain is a key commitment of the North West Sector Horley Masterplan as well as the Local Plan. Intended to work as a multi-functional chain of linked green spaces around the town, it will seek to integrate land that cannot be developed because of its flood risk or nature conservation interest.

The North West Sector Horley development will deliver a significant section of the Riverside Green Chain and provide wide-ranging community, economic and environmental benefits for new and existing residents.

It will aim to integrate landscape, ecological, recreation, flood compensation and surface water drainage requirements into an area with a distinctive identity that will make a major contribution to the character of the new development.

Within the Riverside Green Chain, areas of different character and use will create richness and diversity, providing enduring value for local residents.

An application for Phase 1 of the Riverside Green Chain and delivery of a Newt Reserve has been submitted to Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and can be viewed by entering the following reference number – 04/02120/RM1F.